January 7, 2012


...things i didn't blog about in 2011...

this is really quite frustrating to me.

why do i have all of these pictures
and no posts to go with them?

i'm going to be better.
i'm going to be better.
i'm going to be better.

here we go again...
speed blogging round 2.

i am the 4th generation of insurance agents in our agency.
my great grandfather opened the business close to 100 years ago.
my dad refinished grandpa willie's desk.
leaving in the cigarette burns
and hand carving of his name "bill" on the top.
my mom is now the proud owner in her new sewing shop.

cashman turned 2 in june.
he's driving a big green tractor these days (from my parents).
he hasn't mastered the idea of having to steer the wheel.
he'd rather dance to the music on it's radio.
yes, it has a radio.

more of sisters sorensen.
i have these little treasures on my macbook that their parents don't even know about...
until now.

fourth of july at the lake.
that kid loves the sand.
the water? not so much...

long day in the sun on the fourth of july.
crashed on daddy.
until the fireworks started.
then he was ready to party.

mira wild woman
love those missing teeth.

miss jade
fresh out of the swimming pool.

feeding the animals with chad and grampy at
our first trip to the nebraska state fair.
now that is is within 30 minutes drive, it's a very attractive getaway.
anyone else think those petting zoos are gross?

a little baby pig born only 2 days old.
i'll leave it at that.
my caption ideas were just plain mean. :-)

maybe cash's favorite part of the day
the BID tractors! (he says bid instead of big)
grumpy would not buy this for him.

enough for now...
yes there is more to come.

to be continued...

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Anonymous said...

keep 'em coming...love looking at your pictures! ~ s.jane :)

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