January 6, 2012


...things i didn't blog about in 2011...

this is a long list, folks.
it's taken me days to edit all these photos.

my new year's resolution...
blog more often.
blog when my photos are uninspiring.
for they are still a part of our life.

put them on here even if they are not perfect.
for our life is not perfect.

hold me to it.

deep breath...
here we go.

cash is obsessed with binoculars.
he's always looking for deer and turkeys.
thank goodness he finally learned to open his eyes.
april 2011

a little incident with a marshmallow.
i did not have to use scissors, but it wasn't easy.
seriously, kid???
april 2011

this picture makes me sad now.
what a blessing it was to have chad's sister and family just down the street.
now they are so, so far away.
may 2011

hello, baby chubbs.
i hope you never lose those legs, miss jade.
may 2011

stick fights with grandpa mike.
boy stuff.
i don't know if i'll ever get it...
may 2011

the smore slam dunk.
father's day out at the farm.
june 2011

to be continued...


Liz Brown said...

That little boy ... is irresistible. Especially with marshmallow in his hair. :D And ESPECIALLY with rolls and rolls on chubby legs.

Brady Andrew Weedin said...

You are so talented! Would you email me or FB me what lens you used on the blog header close up picture of Cash?? I think I would love it! :)

Anonymous said...

absolutely love it! ~ s.jane

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