December 21, 2011



yesterday chad and i went to lincoln
and while we were in town we stopped to see
the memorial at the chi omega sorority house
in her honor.


it sits in a quiet little garden area
from what i understand,
it can be seen from the study room in the house.
am i right, chi o girls?


anne loved to read.
she also loved to buy and collect books.
i think we have yet to unearth all of the children's books
she purchased for her grandkids.

...her grandkids she would someday have
as she started buying these books long before her children were married.
they are stashed every where in the farm house.


we had intentions of walking across campus to see it
while we were in town on saturdays
for the husker games
it just never seemed to work out


i'm glad we waited.
we were able to enjoy the statue without being rushed
without the game day chaos
students are out of session and home for christmas break
so it was just chad and i and my camera


chad recently added some new ink to his arm.
the rosary is drawn to match the one she prayed on.
calla lilies were her favorite flower
and the yellow being her favorite color.

now, i'm not quite sure what she would have thought of the tattoo
but i do know that she would have loved this statue.

it's almost surreal to me to think that her honor is being memorialized at the university of nebraska
the school on my diploma


Anonymous said...

It is such a beautiful statue! It was very emotional for me when Doug and I and the kids walked up to see it last month. I could just picture Anne standing there with a book in her hands. It truly reflects her love of reading. Thank you to the Ya Ya Sisters! And Merry Christmas to my sister whom I love and miss so very much! Hugs~ Sarah

Ti said...

beautiful & touching.

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