November 28, 2011


my first quilt**


i made this simple, scrappy quilt for a college friend of chad's first born baby.
could you follow that?
he was also a groomsman in our wedding.
a sweet little girl named landri.
how cute is that name?

you'll see in the image below how i stitched her name into the quilt.


i can't take all the credit.

my mom helped me with the quilting part.
she has a long arm quilting machine that made it a breeze.
she also stitched on the binding.

do i see quilting in my future?
not so much.
i did enjoy making it.
i loved the finished product.
and the satisfaction that it brought.
however, i need quicker results.

a quilter i am not.
i'll leave that to you, mom.

**i maybe shouldn't call this my first quilt. my first quilt was made when i was in grade school. my cousin, shannon, and i taped (yes, scotch taped) together pieces of scrap fabric, trim, and photographs of ourselves. it was not pretty, but beautiful in its own sense. i think my mom may still have this piece of art? somewhere??

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