November 19, 2011


my first 1z2z.designs show is in the books.
and i'm exhausted.
i went from zero inventory to show time
in three weeks.


it was held in a gorgeous venue.
a little coffee shop
in stromsburg.


i invited my high school friend to join me.
she also has a two year old.
a sweet little p 3 months younger than cash.
she gets to sew for girls.
all those fabulous dresses...she made.
check out her etsy shop here.


five years ago we would have laughed in your face if you told us
we would be married
with children
living (her)/working (me) in our hometown
and sewing!!!


it was interesting to me to see what sold
and what i brought home.


i'm doing another holiday open house on tuesday.


what's left will be listed in my etsy shop.
right now it's empty.
but check back...hopefully soon.


all of these ruffled key fobs?
came home with me.
i guess people didn't get what they were??
oh well...

p.s. if you notice things look pretty wonky around here, i'm trying to diy a redesign of this little blog. this could get crazy.

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