November 10, 2011



anyone else think these two could be twins, maybe brother and sister?

despite their similar features and 4 month age difference,
their personalities could not be farther apart.

cash (the older of the two) is a softy.
a bit timid.
a careful observer.
he likes his space.
he likes to warm up to people a little while.

mira is an adventurer.
she's brave.
she wakes up ready to take on the day.
ready to play.

chad likes to describe them in relation to lighting.
[always construction analogies]
mira has an on/off switch.
she's awake or asleep.
cash runs more on a dimmer.
at their brightest, they both are wild, loud 2 year old cousins.

my wish is that you two will always be best friends.
for there is nothing better in this world than family.

cash and mira.
november 2011.


Brady Andrew Weedin said...

Oh my goodness such a sweet post--cousins are so important in our lives & they are so lucky to have one another! Awesome picture too.

Mary Olsen said...

What a great pictures of the cousins!

Alana said...

So sweet. Playing with cousins are the best!

Marissa said...

Your photography is ridiculous. So jealous. It's beautiful.

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