November 30, 2011


a few of my favorites (that didn't make the christmas card) from our little family photo day.


it was very last minute.
as in, outfits were thrown together within minutes.
someone showered.
someone didn't.
dirty hair curls better anyway.


we did this during cash's nap time.
he was a wild man.
i love this picture of chad chasing him.
that's life with a 2 year old.


this little guy is such a mommy's boy.
i wouldn't change it for the world.


i melt.


the following weekend, i took pictures of my sister's family.
trying to take pictures of a 2 year old
and a 1 year old


nearly impossible.

November 28, 2011


my first quilt**


i made this simple, scrappy quilt for a college friend of chad's first born baby.
could you follow that?
he was also a groomsman in our wedding.
a sweet little girl named landri.
how cute is that name?

you'll see in the image below how i stitched her name into the quilt.


i can't take all the credit.

my mom helped me with the quilting part.
she has a long arm quilting machine that made it a breeze.
she also stitched on the binding.

do i see quilting in my future?
not so much.
i did enjoy making it.
i loved the finished product.
and the satisfaction that it brought.
however, i need quicker results.

a quilter i am not.
i'll leave that to you, mom.

**i maybe shouldn't call this my first quilt. my first quilt was made when i was in grade school. my cousin, shannon, and i taped (yes, scotch taped) together pieces of scrap fabric, trim, and photographs of ourselves. it was not pretty, but beautiful in its own sense. i think my mom may still have this piece of art? somewhere??

November 25, 2011



cash dean - 2 years


mira mae - 2 years


lincoln daniel - 4 weeks

go big red.

November 19, 2011


my first 1z2z.designs show is in the books.
and i'm exhausted.
i went from zero inventory to show time
in three weeks.


it was held in a gorgeous venue.
a little coffee shop
in stromsburg.


i invited my high school friend to join me.
she also has a two year old.
a sweet little p 3 months younger than cash.
she gets to sew for girls.
all those fabulous dresses...she made.
check out her etsy shop here.


five years ago we would have laughed in your face if you told us
we would be married
with children
living (her)/working (me) in our hometown
and sewing!!!


it was interesting to me to see what sold
and what i brought home.


i'm doing another holiday open house on tuesday.


what's left will be listed in my etsy shop.
right now it's empty.
but check back...hopefully soon.


all of these ruffled key fobs?
came home with me.
i guess people didn't get what they were??
oh well...

p.s. if you notice things look pretty wonky around here, i'm trying to diy a redesign of this little blog. this could get crazy.

November 10, 2011



anyone else think these two could be twins, maybe brother and sister?

despite their similar features and 4 month age difference,
their personalities could not be farther apart.

cash (the older of the two) is a softy.
a bit timid.
a careful observer.
he likes his space.
he likes to warm up to people a little while.

mira is an adventurer.
she's brave.
she wakes up ready to take on the day.
ready to play.

chad likes to describe them in relation to lighting.
[always construction analogies]
mira has an on/off switch.
she's awake or asleep.
cash runs more on a dimmer.
at their brightest, they both are wild, loud 2 year old cousins.

my wish is that you two will always be best friends.
for there is nothing better in this world than family.

cash and mira.
november 2011.