October 27, 2011


4 years.
today chad and i have been married 4 years.

i thought it would be fun to share how we met.
our little love story. ha.
i'm so not the cheesy, lovey dovey type.

two picture taken very early in our relationship. young pups.

we are both from small nebraska towns about 40 miles apart.
our high schools played sports against each other.
chad is 4 years older than me, so i knew of him in high school
but i was a nobody to him.

fast forward to my junior year of college.
we had a mutual friend who was getting deployed.
so, on a friday night in july 2005
we both attended his going away party.
neither of us can recall seeing each other there.

taken in las vegas a couple weeks after our engagement.
my dad tried very hard to get us into a chapel.
he wasn't going to get off that easy!

the next night i went to a wedding with a college friend.
he was not 21 yet and was being lame,
so i ditched him and went downtown lincoln to meet up with friends at the bars.
it was close to the end of the night.
a high school friend of mine introduced me to chad as his new roommate.
chad doesn't remember meeting me.
(if you ask chad about this part of the story, he says he remembers me but thought i was, "just some random." clearly not his future wife!!)

engagement photo.
taken by studio e.
excuse the poor quality. i had to do some scanning.

on the third consecutive night, we officially met.
chad and his roommates were having a barbecue.
his roommate/high school friend of mine invited me over.
i had just finished playing sand volleyball.
i was a sweaty, nasty, no makeup, smelly mess.
nasty, i tell ya.
chad introduced himself to me and said
"i don't think we've met before?"
um..yes, last night idiot.
not sure if that's exactly what i said, but knowing me, it probably wasn't far off.
we have talked pretty much every day from that point.

click here to see a very low resolution version of our wedding album.
have a listen to our first dance song:

we were engaged on november 14, 2006.
became homeowners on august 29, 2007.
married on october 27, 2007.
became parents on june 19, 2009.

our little family of three.
october 2009.
photo also taken by studio e.

happy anniversary, love.


Brady Andrew Weedin said...

Oh my goodness I love this story!! Isn't it amazing how some things are just meant to be? :) Happy Anniversary!

Alana said...

What an awesome story! It's like fate kept bring you together but it didn't take until the third night!

Nessa @{Casa Braaflat} said...

you guys are cute. love your littles hat!

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