August 20, 2011


well hello, bloggie friends!
ok. that sounded stupid.

i've slowly pulled myself out of crop insurance
and into the real world again.
for months i've been drowning in maps
and numbers
and crops
and plant dates
and i'm happy to report that i'm done
...for now.

while i enjoy my career in the insurance business,
there are certain times of the year that it sucks the creativity out of me.
i had not been in my sewing room for about 6 months.
i hardly picked up my camera.

1z2z.designs may be back in business...soon.
i've picked up my camera.
i've even been shooting in full manual.
i'm not quite where i want to be with my shots, but i took a huge jump.

a few pictures from the weekend:
all shot in manual. EEK!



i watched miss libby and taterbug.
it's so fun to watch them actually play together
and interact
and carry on a conversation
(mostly about storms and how marley doesn't like thunder?? i don't know.)
and give each other hugs.
so sweet.

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Brady Andrew Weedin said...

WOW--these pictures are soooo good! We just got a new camera so I'm hoping to practice with it & get some good shots like these! :) Missed you guys out here last weekend!!

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