July 11, 2011



a quick hello.
a little instagram love via the iPhone.

busy at work.
acreage reports up to my eyeballs.
(insurance lingo. crop crap time of year)
hope to get back to blogging soon.
until then...(if i ever make it out of this pile of pooh)
cool dude cash sends his love.



Anonymous said...

those lips are to die for!! sarah

Brady Andrew Weedin said...

This is such a sweet photo!!

lindsay said...

such a sweet picture...don't you just love instagram!

and yay for nebraskans :) i saw your sweet comment over at just lovely things and i had to stop on over! you will have to let me know when you're back in town! i love meeting fellow bloggers :)

Life With the Crazies said...

Such a sweet picture! I just commented under you over at Joy's Hope and noticed we have the same name... even spelled the same (which is unusual!!) Just had to say hi :)

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