June 20, 2011


a perfect day in the life of mr.cash.


he calls his binoculars, "turkey glasses"
most of the time his eyes are closed as he looks through them.
my parents live on the river.
they have real wildlife literally in their back yard.
and on their porch.
and in my mom's flowers.
the below turkey picture was taken by my mom.
she was in her kitchen.
that turkey tom was in her flowers.
she has marley, her dog, trained to chase them away.


my dad wants to build cash a beach.
he has spent months clearing trees and brush along the river.
on this particular day, we* were hauling sand for the beach.
*by we, i mean i was helping? with a camera in my face? sure.


the little stick thrower.


because of this, little guy, you'll be picking sand out of your crack until you're 13.


our little family of three.


it was a beautiful day*
in a beautiful place.
with beautiful people**


*so...this may have been 3 weeks ago.
so...i may be slow getting photos edited.
better late than never, yo.

**me=not so beautiful.
no makeup.
bad hair hat day.
sorry for the scare. eek!
i've made a promise to be more intentional about being in front of the lens more.

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