June 26, 2011


the post you've all been waiting for...

i must apologize for the cliff hanger.
the husband says it was mean.
that i must hurry up and post more pictures and details of "the ring"
his aunt sarah is waiting. :-)

yes, i guess it was kind of mean.
i was just too excited and didn't have time to follow up.
again, sorry folks.


a little bit about this beauty:
there are 92 diamonds signifying the 92 years the green bay packers have been in the league.
13 diamonds for the 13 world championships.
4 diamonds for the 4 super bowl wins.
the ring weighs a half a pound.
it's appraisal is equivalent to that of a very nice, large SUV.

it's incredible.
the significance of it is worth far more than its monetary value.
it is worth hours and hours of hard work.
weeks of traveling to games
years in the league.
the dream of any little boy come true.

when dave redding was in grade school, he was given the assignment to write down his three goals in life.
1) was to play football for his dad at north platte high school.
2) was to play football for the nebraska cornhuskers.
3) was to win a super bowl with the green bay packers.
he did all three.

his mom had saved this school project.
it took 26 years in the nfl to achieve the final goal.

his 26 years in the league were as the strength and conditioning coach for the browns, chiefs, redskins, chargers, and packers.
he was twice named the strength and conditioning coach of the year
and was inducted into the usa strength and conditioning coach hall of fame.
for more on his career, click here.


dave is not just some nfl football coach.
he's my dad's friend.
the entire redding family is like another family of mine.
years ago, my dad helped him build a cabin on the island.
as payment, my parents were able to attend this year's super bowl.
a completely out-of-this world experience.
my dad said it completed his bucket list.
being able to watch his friend win that game, brought tears to their eyes.
my dad recalls them all crying like babies as the confetti fell over the field.


not too many 2 year olds can say they have held a super bowl ring.
chad has always been a packers fan, so being able to experience his team at this level has been incredible for him too.



Brady Andrew Weedin said...

That's incredible!! A half a pound??!!! Amazing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chad...for feeling sorry for me! The stress has been overwhelming waiting for the story behind the ring :) hee hee! Awesome pixs! I was aware of the Redding connection but patiently waiting to see how this story unfolded! What a great friendship to have between two amazing families! ~sarah

Jessica said...

incredible...so happy for you!

Leslie @ top of the page said...

hi michaela! thanks so much for saying hi on my blog!! you are so super cute. especially in that ring :) wow. sorta crazy, that ring! what fun. and your little cash is delish. happy 2's old to him!!

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