June 19, 2011



mr. cash,
you are 2 years old today.
you have developed quite the little personality.
you are very animated
and a bit dramatic, at times.
you have an advanced vocabulary
you can say your ABC's
and can count to 15 (skipping 6,8, and 14).

you have an eye for finding "stool buses"
hearing "choo choo twains", "airpains", "motorcycles", and "darbage twucks".
there isn't a body of water that you do not want to throw a stick in.
there is usually a tractor in your hand.

you have a kind heart
and it makes you sad if a baby is crying.

you also tell every stranger you meet that
"daddy hid it in da water"
"daddy hid dolf tub in da water"
this does not make your dad happy.
(this golfing incident was supposed to be a secret)

you call every beverage other than milk, "grampie's juice"
you call yogurt, "whips"
and fruit snacks, "fruit dats"
you like to eat pizza at "butch's house" (the sit n bull)

you have went potty in the big potty one time.
you called grammie mj to tell her the big news.
she didn't answer, but it didn't stop you from yelling in the phone:
"hi, damny! i-i-i doe bid potty, damn-ma! bid potty!!"

i love being your mommy.
i love your big smile
and your silly faces.
i love that you yell, "tum here, mommy! wake up, mommy!" in the mornings.



and not forgetting the other reason why today is special:
happy father's day.
...to cash's two turkey hunting instructors.
(my dad and my baby's daddy)

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Brady Andrew Weedin said...

Happy happy Birthday sweet little Mr. Cash!! We can't wait to see you again soon!!

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