May 30, 2011


ya'll ready for a photo overload?
we just returned from a little vacation to san antonio, texas.
so...i can say ya'll.

it was a business trip for me.
well, kinda.
i went because of work.
not so much for work.

at one point, i had to represent our agency.
walk across the stage
receive some sort of trophy
and smile for a photo with some corporate big wigs.
whoopty doo.
we stayed right on the riverwalk at the hyatt regency.
nice location.
nice hotel.

now, not to be a total downer...
i really wasn't all that impressed with the riverwalk.
perhaps my expectations were too high.
i mean, you can only walk around and look at restaurants for so long.
i need shopping.
and not those touristy junk stores.

it was hot.
really hot.
we played in a golf tournament on thursday.
65 guys.
3 ladies.
who wins the flag prize for longest drive?
this girl!
(i won a coffee mug. are you kidding me?!?!)

on thursday night, our group was bused to the don strange ranch
for a true, cowboy texas experience.
armadillo races
i did not touch those yucky things. eewww!!!
photos with (or of, in my case) longhorn bulls.
a mechanical bull.
hayrack rides.
hot air balloon.
roasting marshmallows.
and some dang good barbecue.
most of our time this trip was pre-scheduled.
but, we managed to see a little of the city.
...because i skipped out of an all day meeting.
and we extended our stay by one day.
the alamo was visible from our hotel window.
i'm not much of a history nut,
but it was neat.
for snapping photos, where allowed.
the city was full of these crazy, big trees.
so beautiful.
the last night, we accidentally stumbled into the restaurant texas de brazil.
loved the concept -- no menu. huge salad bar. get a piece of 14 different meats. large wine selection. great atmosphere.
chad tried 10 different cuts.
i only made it to 6.
and i did try lamb for the first time.
it's a bit gamey for me.
i'll probably pass next time.

in all, it was a nice trip.
hard to be away from the little guy that long!
thankful for the extra long weekend.
not thankful for the pile of work on my desk to greet me tuesday morning.

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Anonymous said...

That sounds like it was a great trip!! Enjoyed the pixs. You two are SOOOOOO photogenic!!!

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