April 26, 2011



beer during the easter egg hunt.
don't judge.

April 20, 2011



life is full of choices.
boxers vs. briefs.
chocolate vs. vanilla.
milk vs. "grampie juice".
blackberry vs. iphone.
corn vs. green beans.

a cancer patient is given one choice
in how to deal with the circumstances.
she just had to do it.
and she did it with more grace
and hope
and faith
and strength than i have ever seen.

in 6 short months from diagnosis to defeat,
she gave a tremendous gift to her children.
that no matter how tough life gets,
there is reason to fight.



April 19, 2011


hello, delicious.

(turns out, rainbow cake is grandma a's favorite. who knew. i think i'm her favorite now, sorry folks.)

accompanying this beauty was homemade ice cream.

April 13, 2011


hold my baby.
hold him tight.
cuddle him close,
all through the night.

this picture means so much to me.
grandma's love.
grandma's sweet sweet love.

April 10, 2011


one year ago today...

one year ago today, god took my mother-in-law to his heaven.
one year ago today, a husband lost his wife.
one year ago today, four children lost their mother.
one year ago today, four grandchildren lost their grandma.
one year ago today, a mother lost her daughter.
one year ago today, a student lost their teacher.
one year ago today, a sister lost her friend.

one year ago today, life changed.

from this day forward, i will cherish every smile.
from this day forward, i will squeeze my baby extra tight.
from this day forward, i will say i love you.
from this day forward, i will remember that god is good. always.

kiss you loved ones.
tell them how you feel.
you never know when your last chance will be.
you are my sunshine.
my only sunshine.
you make me happy.
when skies are gray.
you'll never know dear.
how much i love you.
so please don't take my sunshine away.

may you rest in peace, sweet annie.

(this photo was taken on april 10, 2010. the day anne went to be with jesus. i snapped this photo in a moment of reflection, as i was alone on the family farm. i know the light was anne's love shining down on us. a simple reminder that "life is good.")

April 4, 2011


"grammie's riber"
my parent's live along the river.
it's mr. cash's favorite place to visit.
if you ask him if he wants to go to grammie's house, he says "grammie's riber? YEAH YEAH YEAH"
i have a feeling they will be spending a lot of time there this summer.
...just like i did as a child.

it's such a joy to live life through your child's eyes.
it's the simple things.
like just being able to watch the water roll by
being able to spend time with grammie
getting to eat ice cream after nap time
(only at grammie's. his mother does not approve.)

i just love those boys.
and mr. cash's "grammie"

.....and my new iPhone! :-)