March 30, 2011


the end of march?
did i really just type that?
that means i have less than 3 months to plan mr. toot's 2nd birthday party.
who am i kidding?
why would i ever prepare in advance?
people don't actually do that...right??

just a couple pictures of the past week or so.
miss jade was baptised. (pictures to come)
---i can take the picture.
---i can upload them onto my computer.
---getting them edited, well that's another story.

after the baptism, the kiddos were playing outside while brett cooked burgers.
i just snap. snap. snap. away.
here's a couple of my favorites!
miss libby lou.
so sweet.
we love having chad's sister's family so close.
cash loves the "choo choos"
eyes light up when he hears the distant whistle.
he also has some sort of off-beat-stomp-clap-dance thing he does.
i need to catch this on video.
the boy has moves.
cousin libby has real, live "choo choos" right in her backyard.

and for a little craft.
my ma gave me a silhouette for christmas.
she's awesome.
i just got it out of the box and used it for the first time
i did not forget about her (the silhouette, not my ma).
that silhouette and i, we're going to be friends.
...just not there yet.
i struggled a bit to get started, but think i have the hang of it for now.
our first project was glass etching for a bachelorette party gift.
my old co-worker/college friend is getting married in june and was back from arizona for the weekend.
i love giving handmade gifts.
i love that "S"
need to make a little "G" for our "homez" (as cash calls it)
here's what i whipped up on saturday morning.
yes, the shower was saturday night.
normal people don't do things in advance?
do they?


i guess i should explain my goals here.
i just want to document our day to day.
my thoughts.
what's happenin'
probably lots on pics.
a few crafts.
then....print this into a cute little book.

peace out!


Brady Andrew Weedin said...

I absolutely LOVE the pictures your camera takes!! So crisp & clear--I have serious camera envy! :)

michaela said...

you know, Mother's Day is right around the corner!! (have Jeff read this)

Marie said...

what program do you edit in? I'm tossing around the idea of getting lightroom but can't swallow the cost yet :)

michaela said...

@marie - i edit with PSE9. i too would love PS or Lightroom, but they are sooo expensive. i actually do not feel too limited with PSE...mostly because i'm still trying to figure it all out. what are you using?

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