December 21, 2011



yesterday chad and i went to lincoln
and while we were in town we stopped to see
the memorial at the chi omega sorority house
in her honor.


it sits in a quiet little garden area
from what i understand,
it can be seen from the study room in the house.
am i right, chi o girls?


anne loved to read.
she also loved to buy and collect books.
i think we have yet to unearth all of the children's books
she purchased for her grandkids.

...her grandkids she would someday have
as she started buying these books long before her children were married.
they are stashed every where in the farm house.


we had intentions of walking across campus to see it
while we were in town on saturdays
for the husker games
it just never seemed to work out


i'm glad we waited.
we were able to enjoy the statue without being rushed
without the game day chaos
students are out of session and home for christmas break
so it was just chad and i and my camera


chad recently added some new ink to his arm.
the rosary is drawn to match the one she prayed on.
calla lilies were her favorite flower
and the yellow being her favorite color.

now, i'm not quite sure what she would have thought of the tattoo
but i do know that she would have loved this statue.

it's almost surreal to me to think that her honor is being memorialized at the university of nebraska
the school on my diploma

December 12, 2011


mr. cash has been on a roll lately.
an ornery little boy,
that cash has been.

i'm going to assume it has to do with his last molar coming in.
he seems to be a little more defiant when those teeth are breaking.
not to mention the whole hot buns issue that comes with them.

i'm going to assume that because then this streak of naughty will
subside after the tooth is in.
that it's not a new 2.5 year old personality trait.
please, lord, please.

he has had a couple days where he has refused to nap or go to sleep at night.
cash has always been a great sleeper, so it is very out of character
one night it took me almost an hour of putting him back into his room.
each time he would come out
arms in the air
and proudly say, "ta da!"
and then run back into his room.

the next afternoon he didn't want to nap.
i tried taking all the toys out of this room.
he didn't care.
so what's a desperate mom to do?
yes, i got out the pack n play and put him in it.
he hasn't figured out that he could crawl out if he tried.
he napped.
i win.

this morning he crawled in bed with me and our conversation went like this:
cash - "wake up mommy or you winkie donna fall off"
me - "yep. i better get up. i would hate for that to happen."

where does he get this stuff?
i think maybe i should watch dora a little closer.


December 1, 2011



this little guy's mommy finally shared these pictures
so now i can too.
isn't he sweet?
little lincoln at 4 weeks old.


my sister-in-law, miranda, asked me to take a few pictures of lincoln.
i had the day off one friday and chad was heading to lincoln for the weekend
so i thought it would be the perfect time for cash and i to meet the little babe.


so i packed up the yukon with a million props
and hit the road headed north.
cash and i drove 2 hours one way to see them.
as i was unloading the car, it hit me that i forgot my camera!!

the photographer forgot her camera.

lincoln was a dream baby that afternoon.
sleep the whole time.
i know this because i held him for hours.
you're going to have to trust me on that one
because, well, you know...
i didn't have my camera to document.

turns out, we had older sister's 2nd birthday party the following weekend.
i had another opportunity.
because of the birthday party preparation,
we didn't have endless time to work with.

but we made do
and i got 3 photos.

we'll try again, mr. lincoln.

you know i'm going to have that lens in my face.


November 30, 2011


a few of my favorites (that didn't make the christmas card) from our little family photo day.


it was very last minute.
as in, outfits were thrown together within minutes.
someone showered.
someone didn't.
dirty hair curls better anyway.


we did this during cash's nap time.
he was a wild man.
i love this picture of chad chasing him.
that's life with a 2 year old.


this little guy is such a mommy's boy.
i wouldn't change it for the world.


i melt.


the following weekend, i took pictures of my sister's family.
trying to take pictures of a 2 year old
and a 1 year old


nearly impossible.

November 28, 2011


my first quilt**


i made this simple, scrappy quilt for a college friend of chad's first born baby.
could you follow that?
he was also a groomsman in our wedding.
a sweet little girl named landri.
how cute is that name?

you'll see in the image below how i stitched her name into the quilt.


i can't take all the credit.

my mom helped me with the quilting part.
she has a long arm quilting machine that made it a breeze.
she also stitched on the binding.

do i see quilting in my future?
not so much.
i did enjoy making it.
i loved the finished product.
and the satisfaction that it brought.
however, i need quicker results.

a quilter i am not.
i'll leave that to you, mom.

**i maybe shouldn't call this my first quilt. my first quilt was made when i was in grade school. my cousin, shannon, and i taped (yes, scotch taped) together pieces of scrap fabric, trim, and photographs of ourselves. it was not pretty, but beautiful in its own sense. i think my mom may still have this piece of art? somewhere??

November 25, 2011



cash dean - 2 years


mira mae - 2 years


lincoln daniel - 4 weeks

go big red.

November 19, 2011


my first 1z2z.designs show is in the books.
and i'm exhausted.
i went from zero inventory to show time
in three weeks.


it was held in a gorgeous venue.
a little coffee shop
in stromsburg.


i invited my high school friend to join me.
she also has a two year old.
a sweet little p 3 months younger than cash.
she gets to sew for girls.
all those fabulous dresses...she made.
check out her etsy shop here.


five years ago we would have laughed in your face if you told us
we would be married
with children
living (her)/working (me) in our hometown
and sewing!!!


it was interesting to me to see what sold
and what i brought home.


i'm doing another holiday open house on tuesday.


what's left will be listed in my etsy shop.
right now it's empty.
but check back...hopefully soon.


all of these ruffled key fobs?
came home with me.
i guess people didn't get what they were??
oh well...

p.s. if you notice things look pretty wonky around here, i'm trying to diy a redesign of this little blog. this could get crazy.

November 10, 2011



anyone else think these two could be twins, maybe brother and sister?

despite their similar features and 4 month age difference,
their personalities could not be farther apart.

cash (the older of the two) is a softy.
a bit timid.
a careful observer.
he likes his space.
he likes to warm up to people a little while.

mira is an adventurer.
she's brave.
she wakes up ready to take on the day.
ready to play.

chad likes to describe them in relation to lighting.
[always construction analogies]
mira has an on/off switch.
she's awake or asleep.
cash runs more on a dimmer.
at their brightest, they both are wild, loud 2 year old cousins.

my wish is that you two will always be best friends.
for there is nothing better in this world than family.

cash and mira.
november 2011.

October 27, 2011


4 years.
today chad and i have been married 4 years.

i thought it would be fun to share how we met.
our little love story. ha.
i'm so not the cheesy, lovey dovey type.

two picture taken very early in our relationship. young pups.

we are both from small nebraska towns about 40 miles apart.
our high schools played sports against each other.
chad is 4 years older than me, so i knew of him in high school
but i was a nobody to him.

fast forward to my junior year of college.
we had a mutual friend who was getting deployed.
so, on a friday night in july 2005
we both attended his going away party.
neither of us can recall seeing each other there.

taken in las vegas a couple weeks after our engagement.
my dad tried very hard to get us into a chapel.
he wasn't going to get off that easy!

the next night i went to a wedding with a college friend.
he was not 21 yet and was being lame,
so i ditched him and went downtown lincoln to meet up with friends at the bars.
it was close to the end of the night.
a high school friend of mine introduced me to chad as his new roommate.
chad doesn't remember meeting me.
(if you ask chad about this part of the story, he says he remembers me but thought i was, "just some random." clearly not his future wife!!)

engagement photo.
taken by studio e.
excuse the poor quality. i had to do some scanning.

on the third consecutive night, we officially met.
chad and his roommates were having a barbecue.
his roommate/high school friend of mine invited me over.
i had just finished playing sand volleyball.
i was a sweaty, nasty, no makeup, smelly mess.
nasty, i tell ya.
chad introduced himself to me and said
"i don't think we've met before?"
um..yes, last night idiot.
not sure if that's exactly what i said, but knowing me, it probably wasn't far off.
we have talked pretty much every day from that point.

click here to see a very low resolution version of our wedding album.
have a listen to our first dance song:

we were engaged on november 14, 2006.
became homeowners on august 29, 2007.
married on october 27, 2007.
became parents on june 19, 2009.

our little family of three.
october 2009.
photo also taken by studio e.

happy anniversary, love.

October 26, 2011


deer caught in the headlights.
halloween 2011.
sorry about the creepy eyes. i do have eyeballs, i swear.

our "golf friends"
as i like to call them
had a halloween party last weekend.

for months, chad and i have been trying to come up with costume ideas.
his one request was he wanted to wear his stilts.
no he's not in the circus. they are for hanging drywall.
nothing too inspiring came to mind.
then i saw the headlights idea on pinterest
and knew my deer hunting dude would be game.
he made the helmet
i was in charge of the rest.

i heard a lot of "nice headlights" that night.
i guess those led lights stuck to my chest may have drawn some attention.

it happens.

October 19, 2011


can you get any more boy than arm farts?
we call them "toot kisses"

October 17, 2011


dead eye.
yes, he shoots his "pow pow" with his eyes closed.
we're working on technique.

October 5, 2011


my macbook has been in the shop.
she needed a little ram boost.
after 12 days and a "bad product shipment" later,
she's running like a brand new machine.

working on a pc after having a mac is

i have several hundred pictures to sort through.
a husker weekend in wyoming.
family pictures.
a day at the pumpkin patch.
new craft projects.

for now, i'll leave you with this little outtake:


trying to take family pictures
with a 2 year old
who needs a nap is

September 13, 2011


i hinted a few weeks ago that i would share some of the project i've been up to.
husband was kind enough to create a craft room for me.
---this was a big sacrifice---
you see, my new craft room = his old man cave.
husband owns a construction company and used to do paperwork in the basement.
he bought a new shop.
built himself a new office.
moved me into his old office.
and the angels sing.

i no longer craft on the kitchen table.
i'm not an organized/clean crafter.
this makes for a much happier marriage.

now, for a craftiness recap:

yarn wreath.
burlap and fabric scraps.
not sure if i'm totally loving it yet.
baby shower gift.
diapers and wipes case.
with some coordinating burp clothes.
and a little custom 1z.
baby's daddy works for a towing company.
i'm not sure if i enjoy making gifts
or wrapping them better.
inside this beauty was a glass etched pyrex set.
sorry, no picture of the etching.
*spoiler alert*
chances are, if you invite me to a bridal shower/wedding,
you're going to get this.
new wall hangings.
husband hung these.
...with a smile on this face.
this photo won third place in the local paper in the people division.
another one of my photos took second place.
i had it printed on metal.
not hung yet.
i just don't know where i want it to hang.
i love the photo.
and the sorrow in cash's eyes as he stands in front of his grandma annie's tombstone.
i want our home to be filled with reminders of her life.
not necessarily do i want the constant reminder of her death.
i'm thinking of putting it in the hallway to cash's room.

new husker game day shirts.
iPhone photos:

September 8, 2011






sometimes pictures will capture all the words...