February 20, 2012



this is what it means
to be held
how it feels
when the sacred is torn from your life
and you survive

this is what it is
to be loved
and to know
that the promise was when everything fell
we'd be held

natalie grant - held.

today marks 2 years since grandma annie took her last breath.


hug your loved ones.

January 10, 2012


...things i didn't blog about in 2011...
part 3
see part 1 and part 2 here

chad and i went on our first husker road trip (together)to laramie, wyoming.
tickets were pretty hard to come by.
like, nebraska is allotted 3,000 tickets per road game and
20,000 nebraska fans requested tickets for this match up
in a stadium that holds 30,000.
i knew going into the weekend that we didn't have tickets.
we were just going to soak in the atmosphere and maybe try to snag some right before game time.
september 2011

instead, these two shady folks decided to surprise me.
i didn't know until about 30 minutes prior to kick off that we had game tickets.
it was a very sweet surprise.
i was almost in tears.
that pretty lady right there, is chad's aunt, and also my biggest blog fan!!
september 2011

daily battles getting this kid to eat.
unless he's at daycare, he'll eat whatever she puts on the plate.
so annoying.
september 2011

i have another nephew.
meet, mr. tate
october 2011

a trip to the pumpkin patch with grammy.
cash stood up in the corn pile and yelled, "better dance!"
and busted a move.
october 2011

more of that t.bug
yes, he's always that smiley.
and he's going to be a big brother in a few weeks!
october 2011

cousin love.
october 2011

cash's best friend, miss marley mae
my mom's dog.
october 2011

to be continued...
yes, you heard that right.
we're not even to halloween yet...

January 7, 2012


...things i didn't blog about in 2011...

this is really quite frustrating to me.

why do i have all of these pictures
and no posts to go with them?

i'm going to be better.
i'm going to be better.
i'm going to be better.

here we go again...
speed blogging round 2.

i am the 4th generation of insurance agents in our agency.
my great grandfather opened the business close to 100 years ago.
my dad refinished grandpa willie's desk.
leaving in the cigarette burns
and hand carving of his name "bill" on the top.
my mom is now the proud owner in her new sewing shop.

cashman turned 2 in june.
he's driving a big green tractor these days (from my parents).
he hasn't mastered the idea of having to steer the wheel.
he'd rather dance to the music on it's radio.
yes, it has a radio.

more of sisters sorensen.
i have these little treasures on my macbook that their parents don't even know about...
until now.

fourth of july at the lake.
that kid loves the sand.
the water? not so much...

long day in the sun on the fourth of july.
crashed on daddy.
until the fireworks started.
then he was ready to party.

mira wild woman
love those missing teeth.

miss jade
fresh out of the swimming pool.

feeding the animals with chad and grampy at
our first trip to the nebraska state fair.
now that is is within 30 minutes drive, it's a very attractive getaway.
anyone else think those petting zoos are gross?

a little baby pig born only 2 days old.
i'll leave it at that.
my caption ideas were just plain mean. :-)

maybe cash's favorite part of the day
the BID tractors! (he says bid instead of big)
grumpy would not buy this for him.

enough for now...
yes there is more to come.

to be continued...

January 6, 2012


...things i didn't blog about in 2011...

this is a long list, folks.
it's taken me days to edit all these photos.

my new year's resolution...
blog more often.
blog when my photos are uninspiring.
for they are still a part of our life.

put them on here even if they are not perfect.
for our life is not perfect.

hold me to it.

deep breath...
here we go.

cash is obsessed with binoculars.
he's always looking for deer and turkeys.
thank goodness he finally learned to open his eyes.
april 2011

a little incident with a marshmallow.
i did not have to use scissors, but it wasn't easy.
seriously, kid???
april 2011

this picture makes me sad now.
what a blessing it was to have chad's sister and family just down the street.
now they are so, so far away.
may 2011

hello, baby chubbs.
i hope you never lose those legs, miss jade.
may 2011

stick fights with grandpa mike.
boy stuff.
i don't know if i'll ever get it...
may 2011

the smore slam dunk.
father's day out at the farm.
june 2011

to be continued...

December 21, 2011



yesterday chad and i went to lincoln
and while we were in town we stopped to see
the memorial at the chi omega sorority house
in her honor.


it sits in a quiet little garden area
from what i understand,
it can be seen from the study room in the house.
am i right, chi o girls?


anne loved to read.
she also loved to buy and collect books.
i think we have yet to unearth all of the children's books
she purchased for her grandkids.

...her grandkids she would someday have
as she started buying these books long before her children were married.
they are stashed every where in the farm house.


we had intentions of walking across campus to see it
while we were in town on saturdays
for the husker games
it just never seemed to work out


i'm glad we waited.
we were able to enjoy the statue without being rushed
without the game day chaos
students are out of session and home for christmas break
so it was just chad and i and my camera


chad recently added some new ink to his arm.
the rosary is drawn to match the one she prayed on.
calla lilies were her favorite flower
and the yellow being her favorite color.

now, i'm not quite sure what she would have thought of the tattoo
but i do know that she would have loved this statue.

it's almost surreal to me to think that her honor is being memorialized at the university of nebraska
the school on my diploma

December 12, 2011


mr. cash has been on a roll lately.
an ornery little boy,
that cash has been.

i'm going to assume it has to do with his last molar coming in.
he seems to be a little more defiant when those teeth are breaking.
not to mention the whole hot buns issue that comes with them.

i'm going to assume that because then this streak of naughty will
subside after the tooth is in.
that it's not a new 2.5 year old personality trait.
please, lord, please.

he has had a couple days where he has refused to nap or go to sleep at night.
cash has always been a great sleeper, so it is very out of character
one night it took me almost an hour of putting him back into his room.
each time he would come out
arms in the air
and proudly say, "ta da!"
and then run back into his room.

the next afternoon he didn't want to nap.
i tried taking all the toys out of this room.
he didn't care.
so what's a desperate mom to do?
yes, i got out the pack n play and put him in it.
he hasn't figured out that he could crawl out if he tried.
he napped.
i win.

this morning he crawled in bed with me and our conversation went like this:
cash - "wake up mommy or you winkie donna fall off"
me - "yep. i better get up. i would hate for that to happen."

where does he get this stuff?
i think maybe i should watch dora a little closer.


December 1, 2011



this little guy's mommy finally shared these pictures
so now i can too.
isn't he sweet?
little lincoln at 4 weeks old.


my sister-in-law, miranda, asked me to take a few pictures of lincoln.
i had the day off one friday and chad was heading to lincoln for the weekend
so i thought it would be the perfect time for cash and i to meet the little babe.


so i packed up the yukon with a million props
and hit the road headed north.
cash and i drove 2 hours one way to see them.
as i was unloading the car, it hit me that i forgot my camera!!

the photographer forgot her camera.

lincoln was a dream baby that afternoon.
sleep the whole time.
i know this because i held him for hours.
you're going to have to trust me on that one
because, well, you know...
i didn't have my camera to document.

turns out, we had older sister's 2nd birthday party the following weekend.
i had another opportunity.
because of the birthday party preparation,
we didn't have endless time to work with.

but we made do
and i got 3 photos.

we'll try again, mr. lincoln.

you know i'm going to have that lens in my face.